Canal Zone Stamp Varieties!!! Updated as of 8/14/14


We have some very unusual varieties this time, as well as some early issues

(at the end below). Add some rare items of interest to your collection today.


Scott number                        Price

5 F/VF OG slight doubling of “ZONE” and “AMA” since the paper was flopping loosely when the stamp was being overprinted. Unusual. $35

6 Overprint shifted to left, just touching the perfs. Almost VF NH. Clean & PO fresh.       $95     

9 F+ OG Spaced A-L in Canal (700 exist)                                    $75

NEW! 12 F+ WG Block with 12b  ZONE Antique at upper left, PAMANA at left at lower left, attractive $88

NEW! 12 Spaced A-L in CANAL – only 300 printed. VG/F OG (bottom two NH) block of 4, the variety is the UL stamp (pos. 41); in addition, the left Panama with tall & thin M (this one lightly printed), only 800 printed (CZSG 12.1 & 12.17) , very fresh and attractive block (Scott $114)   $65

CZSG 16.2 workup between Z&O of ZONE; workup is when the metal pieces holding the type come in contact with the stamp and print a vertical line between the letters.

  F NH, position 12 on the sheet $4.50

16b block of 4 with selvage and partial imprint at left, CZSG 16b.6 (“1” and “ct.” narrowly spaced and inverted N in left PANAMA, posn. 52) at upper right, F/VF WG.

     Nice centering, gum bend on right stamps from wax interleaving (stamps do not have any bend); 6000 of the variety exist. Scan is at:  $22

16b.1 in block of 4 F/VF OG  “C    ANAL” widely spaced C-A at lower right. uncommon.  $17

16b F WG 1 sp, Accent on 1st A of left PANAMA                       45c

16b.6 Narrow space between “1” and “ct.” –  the letters are too close FVF OG fresh stamp, less common than other varieties (harder to find)  $6

16b.2 Z O in Zone widely spaced, only 6,000 issued, F/VF WG  $10

17 F/VF OG block of 4 (bottom 2 NH), LR stamp with very dark workup between N&A of CANAL (CZSG 17.1), UR stamp with broken N in CANAL. Beautiful block $35

17 F/VF LC (sp, though). Br. O.    75c

17 ditto but F/VF WG at SE at bottom   $3

17.4 F+ LC accent on two As in rt. PANAMA  2 sp          $1

17a F/VF LC several short perfs,  Broken O in ZONE65c

18 (CZSG 18.1b) 15 mm left PANAMA, F/VF NH (light WG),  rt. PANAMA with large PA1 and A3, too. Fresh also.  $66

18 alm VF WG (2 slightly short pfs)  3rd A of rt. Panama with accent (pos. 38/88). Very nice stamp          $21

19 F/VF NC left Panama 15 mm long and right Panama 16 mm long (and P has a foot!), couple short perfs  $12

19 F+ OG 16 mm PANAMAs, both reading  up               $37

19.8 Two Panama close to each other, F/VF LC top clipped off! $4

19.7 -- see regular pricelist above!

20 alm F/VF NH (inscr. tab at rt), perf. doubling at rt., 1 sp.         $28


22 F/VF OG fresh vertical pair, top stamp with ONE for ZONE, $80 Scott catalog value, bottom stamp light overprint of CANAL, short perfs at top                     $22

22.B block of 4, 6.75mm spacing, hard paper F/VF to VF NH. Nice.    $14


NEW! 22e double overprint in a used pair! F/VF LC neat cancel, light 2nd overprint as reported in one sheet, only 300 exist, so these are 0.7% of those that exist! $550 catalog  $185

NEW! 22e double overprint, F+ used single with short perfs at the bottom, still rare, 300 exist  $50

CZSG 24.6 spaced just F/VF NH C-A variety on the 5c, 6 ¾ mm spacing, only 4500 issued   $24

CZSG 24.6 spaced C-A, VG/F WG $17

27 F/VF OG spaced C-A, sps at right $4

27 F+ OG ditto $3

29 F/VF OG spaced C-A, 2 sps $6

30 F/VF OG spaced C-A crease $5

36 block of 4, VF NH. “10 cts.” out of vertical alignment! Unlisted in Plass book. Unusual.        $45

39 F- LC, broken C.       $2.50

39 F/VF LC, broken A2 (left half about gone), cr.                        $1

40 F/VF NC, slight broken O at LR  $2


43 with part of Z in ZONE doubled! F++ OG single with small parts of left edge of “Z” doubled; likely a plate “kiss” than a double overprint, but

   certainly interesting.    $15


49 F/VF LC Grey brown & black color - bleached out??               $1.50

52a inverted overprint! Almost F/VF NH slightly waxy gum, very fresh & bright stamp    $55


57 VG/F (flt.) on piece: Balboa Paquebot CDS & slug 4/28/25 Sharp cancels.                  $20


60 used position blocks, from the same sheet, all with matching light postmarks in red – ex-Leeds/Levy collection:

            1. Used upper right plate number block of 9! This F+ to F/VF LC block has plate number in the top selvage. Also note positions 29-30

            (2 stamps at the bottom right) both are CZSG 60.1a, 9¼ mm overprint spacing. Wax paper interleaving on most stamps, some hinge

            reinforcement at top. Still unusual and rare! Scan is at:  $30

            2. Used lower right block of 6 F to F+ LC, positions 88-90, 98-100. Posn. 88 (upper left) is CZSG 60.1b, 9¾ mm overprint spacing

            See scan at:  Wax paper interleaving on back, hinge reinfmt. at bottom.$12

            3. Used upper left corner block of 8, positions 1-4, 11-14; posns. 11 and 14 are both CZSG 60.1a, 9¼ mm overprint spacing, F/VF

            with wax interleaving on back, some hinge reinfmt. at top. Nicely centered.  $16


60b bottom pair from pane F+  LC huge margins at bottom & sides, rare item      $50


62a F/VF NH inverted overprint, fine                             $75

NEW! 63 F+ NC small faults BUT interesting offset of the CZ overprint on the back, appears doubled (esp. the 2nd A in CANAL and N in ZONE) $6

70 F/VF VLC workup at top, nice  $4

71.1 Z under C – see plate block listings above.

71 F+ OG CANAL overprint tilts down at left somewhat.              $2

71b inverted ZONE in block of 4, LR stamp inverted ZONE, F to F+ TG, SE at right, perf separations, fresh     $112 

72 NH blk. of 4, 2 VF, 2 F/VF -- extremely wide margins, all 4 are almost square!!!!           $15

80.A (9.25 mm spacing) F/VF NH only    5000 printed, uncommon  $90


81 F/VF OG appears to have double transfer on right side. Rich color. $225

NEW! 84 strip of three with 84.1a (8 1/2 mm spacing – creased at top) in center and normal 11 mm spacing on either side, almost F/VF NH but gum a little waxy,

Unfortunate crease, striking variety $35

NEW! 84 block of 4 with 84.1a (8 1/2 mm spacing – tiny corner bend) at upper left, normal 11 mm spacing otherwise, almost F/VF WG, unfortunate bend, striking variety    $34



84d F/VF OG (bottom two stamps NH, top 2 LH) NH top block w/ full tab, very nice item.  $65


NEW! 86 shifted overprint – block of 4 of 86 F/VF WG with the overprint shifted to the right and down with ZONE in the perfs on three stamps.

   Unusual and attractive   $24


93 SPLIT “CANAL” overprint! The stamp is VG/F and has no gum, but the overprint is amazing! About ¾ of the CANAL at the top

   and 45% of CANAL at bottom. Very unusual and likely uncommon.         $19


93 F/VF NH Broken first A in CANAL, a constant variety; see scan at: is at:  $12

93 F/VF WG Broken N in ZONE, but more important small plate cracks evident in E and T of CENTS, unusual, scan is at: is at:  $13


94 almost F/VF OG a bit waxy, LH single with bottom plate # tab, only 270 plate singles/blocks were issued, so RARE! Scan is at:                $175


101 F/VF OG overprint very weak in Canal prtg.              $1

104 F/VF NH,"L" over "E" ovpt.       $20

115 VF plate block, glassy gum & gum soaks from being “sweatboxed” off paper.

   Still, it’s a plate block.....$10

119 F NH blk4  broken Z LL stamp $1

C2 alm.VF NH plate number single, left position, Gem!               $130

C5a alm.VF LC dropped "2" variety, Cristobal CDS ccl. $40

C5a F+ NH dropped "2" variety. $38

C5a F/VF OG dropped "2" variety                                              $42

C5a Used almost VF (wide margins) on FFC F8-25b (Cristobal-Guatemala

City), itself an uncommon (though not rare) flight. Magnificent error on

F/VF Mizrahi PA FFC env.  Rubberstamp cachet, bkstmpd. $68

C27 F/VF LC used in the US (CHURCH STREET STA.)    20c


CZSG J8.2 “2” shifted ½ mm right, F very light cancel, sp $7

CZSG J9.A 1.5 mm spacing between “10” and “ZONE”,  F+ LC, very uncommon. $18

CZSG J18.B 11mm spacing between CANAL and ZONE, almost F/VF slightly waxy OG  $9

Ditto F to F+ WG  $4


NEW! J17b almost F/VF OG (some waxiness to gum as normal for this issue), POSTAG DUE on the left stamp of a pair (right stamp normal, with short perf) Nice margins and fresh,

uncommon variety ($750 Scott catalog)      $200


NEW! J21 Vertical pair, of upward shifted surcharge, “Postage Due” at bottom (CZSG J21.1); this is a major error – the bottom

            five of the sheet are Scott J21a (with a $5500 catalog value), but this pair represent 2 of the remaining 45 in the sheet. They

            are F/VF NH and have right sheet margin (with perfs in selvage only reinforced by a hinge). Extremely rare, this pair is

            ex-Dunaway collection.   $295 or ($160 each for a single)



10 broken A2 in Canal & bot. serif of Z angled out, F/VF VLC few sps.. $2

10 broken A2 in Canal, used F/VF VLC, 2 sps.                $1

12 broken C, F/VF NH.           $8

12 broken C (perhaps pos. 20), F/VF waxy OG, clipped pfs at left.           $2

13 broken A1 & N, F+ NH, SE top, creases at top. Fine appearing.     $6

13 or. red ovpt., most of left & top of C missing (pos. 20?), F/VF OG.      $24

18 (CZSG 18.2 var.) P  NAMA at rt, but also with third A accented in rt.  Panama (see photo 4.63 in Plass) F/VF waxy OG, one pp at bot. Still an OK copy of a rare error (pos. 38 or 88). Broken A1, also.   $48