These are all complete panes unless noted otherwise;

38b to 61f used pane singles are scarce and listed.


Booklet pane positions (like K, etc.) as listed in Scotts

US Specialized catalogue for regular US panes of the

same issue.


Scott # Price

32 part of a pane (block of the top 4 stamps), still in a full booklet with interleaving,

front cover present but loose, stamps F+ NH, 50% waxy gum. RARE bklt. Pane $26

38b or 39c single used, F/VF LC 5

39C block of 4 with imperf edges at the sides, F/VF gum NH but has some wax from interleaving,

quite scarce $50

52b used single F/VF LC 7.50

53c used single, F/VF LC 7.50

56g mint single from pane, left edge SE, almost F/VF WG, rare $10

56g used single, FVF LC sm faults 2

60b F+ PG single adherence, rare! 30

60b F+ NG single 22

60b used single F/VF LC (quite rare) 22

60b used single F/VF NC 18

60b used single F+ LC 15

61f lower left corner single, wide margins, almost F/VF TG, very rare $20

61f used single VF LC 20

61f used single F/VF LC (also rare) 16

61f used single, almost VF LC one sp $9

71e F/VF NH plain pane, rare centered! $75

71e ditto, alm F/VF OG pane, no tab 6

71e ditto, alm F/VF OG pane 47

71e ditto, F LH pane 36

NEW! 71e F+ to F/VF OG (some light wax on gum), Position I (guideline at left), shifted right so full guideline is visible and design is cut at right,

Unusual! $40

NEW! 71 F/VF NH slight waxy areas on 3 stamps and tab, position H (line at right) $45

NEW! 71e VG/F OG (gum a bit waxy), Pos. L (guidelines at left and bottom uncommon, as only 716 exist!), bright

color $45

71e pane single used LC $3


73a F+ perfs just miss on one side, notoriously poorly centered (VF for this) OG plain pane $85


73a F/VF pane single used LC $4

84d F/VF NH Fresh block of 4 with top tab $25

84d used pane single F+ LC $5


101a F/VF NH pane, very fresh and attractive color! $125

101a F NH pane $90


101a F OG HR pane, perf seps. $54

101a F/VF LC pane single $3

106a F+ NH booklet of 4 plain panes,

last pane F- NH $42

Note: rust marks on staples holes means just that a dot-sized mark where the staple went through the paper. Barely noticeable,

but as always I mention it so there is no confusion!

106a almost VF NH pane, position J (per Scotts) usual rust mark on staples holes only $25

106a F/VF+ NH pane, pos. K., rust on holes only $22

106a F/VF NH position H, no rust marks! $24

106a F/VF NH position G rust on holes only $22

106a F/VF NH position J, rust on holes only, two light gum bends $22

106a F/VF NH plain pane, one rust stain about 1/32 in size $18

106a F/VF NH plain pane, some waxy gum, rust marks about 1/10 in size $6

106a F+ NH plain pane, rust marks 1/10, some waxy gum, small piece of tab gone $4 7

106a F to F+ plain pane, stamps NH but hinged on tab $6

106a F+ NH pane with booklet cover,

clean & neat 14

106a F NH, pos. J, sl. nat bends top 2

stamps, fresh 7.25

106a F NH plain pane, no tab $2

106a F/VF used single LC 10c


115c F/VF NH handmade pane, lower left position with plate number in selvage! Scarce and clean booklet pane $190

115c F+ (one stamps OG, rest NH), upper left position with plate number in selvage, also scarce & clean pane; see scan at $140

115c Booklet of 2 VF NH panes, one pane inverted in booklet. Pretty $500


117a F/VF to VF NH two panes with paper covers and glassines, extremely well cemtered for this issue $46

117a F/VF NH plain pane 21

117a F+ OG plain pane 13

117a F/VF NH position J 23

117a alm VF NH, 2 panes in complete bklt., one with vert. pf seps, toned $10

117a F/VF LC used single 10c


117b handmade booklet, 2 panes VF and F/VF NH, back cover inverted! $325


117b same as last but panes inverted! $300


117b Single pane, almost F/VF, one stamp LH (rest NH), lovely $130


117b just F+ NH plain pane $115


163a F/VF NH plain pane 2.50

163a VF LC used pane w/tab, FDC $2.50

163a F/VF LC used single 20c

C48a VF NH plain pane $3

C48a F/VF NH plain pane 2.25

C48a F/VF LC FDC pane with tab $2.50

C48a F+ LC FDC pane with tab $2.00

C49a VF NH plain pane $2.75

C49a F/VF NH plain pane 1.85

C49a F+ LC FDC pane with tab $2.00

C49a pane single used F/VF LC 25c

C50a F/VF NH plain pane $3.75

C50a F/VF LC FDC pane with tab $3.50