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Album Pages for Canal Zone stamps

New White Ace Canal Zone Album pages fit standard 3-ring note books; White Ace charges $29.55 a set

(plus postage!); we charge $20 postpaid.

New blank White Ace pages; they charge $6.85 per ten; we charge $6 postpaid.


White Ace 55 plain pgs.w/ mounts for pl.blks.,with binder. Fine. $9



Books pertaining to CZ Philately.

(All are postpaid in the US.)

1.Canal Zone Stamps, Plass, Brewster & Salz, 345 pgs.,1986, This is THE Bible of Canal Zone philately, a must for the specialist. Great detail about

Each stamp issued, its background, issue quantities and varieties. Profusely illustrated. Out of print now, hard to locate. Slight wear from use. $85

2. CZ Postage Stamps, Tatleman, 1904-1960, 439 pgs., another must have book for CZ, issued by the Canal Zone Postal Service. Provides background on the post offices and stamps issued up to 1960. Lots more on postmarks and the postal service. Age toning on spine and covers, otherwise excellent condition $18

---same but no toning, spine is tight but some loose paper on spine from wear. $18

3. CZ Postage Stamps, supplement to above, 1961-1979, 85 pages $5

4. Set of two above (2&3) $22

NOTE: All supplements in stock have rust on the staples!

5. Check List of CZ Stamps, H.F.Colman,1912, This is a Xerox

copy of this fine booklet. All CZ collectors of the early issues should have this! $3

6, US Frigate Constitution-Cachets & cancels of 1932 & 1934 cruises thru the Canal,

1991, 45 pgs., CZSG, used, VF $4.75 postpaid; new $6 ppd.

7. Panama and the Canal, 414 pgs. Abbot,1913 front cover loose inside,

8 1/2" x 11 1/2" pg.format, o/w sound fine $24

7a. Panama and the Canal, 414 pgs. Abbot, as above but front missing pages up to pg.3,

front cover loose and worn, o/w a clean and sound copy.(too heavy for covers) $12

8. The Panama Canal, 386 pgs., F.J. Haskins, 1913, front cover

loose on inside a bit, also some back wear,o/w sound $8

The Panama Canal, 386 pgs., as above but sound, some cover wear around edges, o/w sound $14

The Panama Canal, 386 pgs. as above but almost mint $20

9. The Story of the Panama Canal, 358 pgs.illus., Logan Marshall, some cover wear,

o/w sound and good, map on cvr. $14

9a. The Story of the Panama Canal, better copy, map on cvr. 17

10. Panama Passage, Donald Barr Chidsey 1946 first ed.,novel of the

early Panama American Canal period, written as the secondary writers wrote in those days, naive tale $ 5


Any ex-Panama US military out there? New mint USARSO (US Army South)

uniform pin of galleon on sea; brass. XF. $6 postpaid


END OF LIST! Wed like to THANK YOU for your interest!