Canal Zone Stamp Varieties!!! Updated as of 12/9/16


We have some very unusual varieties this time, as well as some early issues

(at the end below). Add some rare items of interest to your collection today.


Scott number                        Price

5 F/VF OG slight doubling of “ZONE” and “AMA” since the paper was flopping loosely when the stamp was being overprinted. Unusual. $35

6 Overprint shifted to left, just touching the perfs. Almost VF NH. Clean & PO fresh.       $95     

9 F+ OG Spaced A-L in Canal (700 exist)                                    $75

NEW! 12 F+ WG Block with 12b  ZONE Antique at upper left, PAMANA at left at lower left, attractive $88

NEW! 12 Spaced A-L in CANAL – only 300 printed. VG/F OG (bottom two NH) block of 4, the variety is the UL stamp (pos. 41); in addition, the left Panama with tall & thin M (this one lightly printed), only 800 printed (CZSG 12.1 & 12.17) , very fresh and attractive block (Scott $114)   $65

CZSG 16.2 workup between Z&O of ZONE; workup is when the metal pieces holding the type come in contact with the stamp and print a vertical line between the letters.

  F NH, position 12 on the sheet $4.50

16b block of 4 with selvage and partial imprint at left, CZSG 16b.6 (“1” and “ct.” narrowly spaced and inverted N in left PANAMA, posn. 52) at upper right, F/VF WG.

     Nice centering, gum bend on right stamps from wax interleaving (stamps do not have any bend); 6000 of the variety exist. Scan is at:  $22

16b.1 in block of 4 F/VF OG  “C    ANAL” widely spaced C-A at lower right. uncommon.  $17

16b F WG 1 sp, Accent on 1st A of left PANAMA                       45c

16b.6 Narrow space between “1” and “ct.” –  the letters are too close FVF OG fresh stamp, less common than other varieties (harder to find)  $6

16b.2 Z O in Zone widely spaced, only 6,000 issued, F/VF WG  $10

17 F/VF OG block of 4 (bottom 2 NH), LR stamp with very dark workup between N&A of CANAL (CZSG 17.1), UR stamp with broken N in CANAL. Beautiful block $35

17 F/VF LC (sp, though). Br. O.    75c

17 ditto but F/VF WG at SE at bottom   $3

17.4 F+ LC accent on two As in rt. PANAMA  2 sp          $1

17a F/VF LC several short perfs,  Broken O in ZONE65c

18 (CZSG 18.1b) 15 mm left PANAMA, F/VF NH (light WG),  rt. PANAMA with large PA1 and A3, too. Fresh also.  $66

19 F/VF NC left Panama 15 mm long and right Panama 16 mm long (and P has a foot!), couple short perfs  $12

19 F+ OG 16 mm PANAMAs, both reading  up               $37

19.8 Two Panama close to each other, F/VF LC top clipped off! $4

19.7 -- see regular pricelist above!

20 alm F/VF NH (inscr. tab at rt), perf. doubling at rt., 1 sp.         $28


22 F/VF OG fresh vertical pair, top stamp with ONE for ZONE, $80 Scott catalog value, bottom stamp light overprint of CANAL, short perfs at top                     $22

CZSG 24.6 spaced just F/VF NH C-A variety on the 5c, 6 Ύ mm spacing, only 4500 issued   $24

CZSG 24.6 spaced C-A, VG/F WG $17

27 F/VF OG spaced C-A, sps at right $4

27 F+ OG ditto $3

29 F/VF OG spaced C-A, 2 sps $6

30 F/VF OG spaced C-A crease $5

36 block of 4, VF NH. “10 cts.” out of vertical alignment! Unlisted in Plass book. Unusual.        $45

39 F- LC, broken C.       $2.50

39 F/VF LC, broken A2 (left half about gone), cr.                        $1

40 F/VF NC, slight broken O at LR  $2


43 with part of Z in ZONE doubled! F++ OG single with small parts of left edge of “Z” doubled; likely a plate “kiss” than a double overprint, but

   certainly interesting.    $15


49 F/VF LC Grey brown & black color - bleached out??               $1.50

52a inverted overprint! Almost F/VF NH slightly waxy gum, very fresh & bright stamp    $55


57 VG/F (flt.) on piece: Balboa Paquebot CDS & slug 4/28/25 Sharp cancels.                  $20


60 used position blocks, from the same sheet, all with matching light postmarks in red – ex-Leeds/Levy collection:

            1. Used upper right plate number block of 9! This F+ to F/VF LC block has plate number in the top selvage. Also note positions 29-30

            (2 stamps at the bottom right) both are CZSG 60.1a, 9Ό mm overprint spacing. Wax paper interleaving on most stamps, some hinge

            reinforcement at top. Still unusual and rare! Scan is at:  $30

            2. Used lower right block of 6 F to F+ LC, positions 88-90, 98-100. Posn. 88 (upper left) is CZSG 60.1b, 9Ύ mm overprint spacing

            See scan at:  Wax paper interleaving on back, hinge reinfmt. at bottom.$12

            3. Used upper left corner block of 8, positions 1-4, 11-14; posns. 11 and 14 are both CZSG 60.1a, 9Ό mm overprint spacing, F/VF

            with wax interleaving on back, some hinge reinfmt. at top. Nicely centered.  $16


60b bottom pair from pane F+  LC huge margins at bottom & sides, rare item      $50


62a F/VF NH inverted overprint, fine                             $75

NEW! 63 F+ NC small faults BUT interesting offset of the CZ overprint on the back, appears doubled (esp. the 2nd A in CANAL and N in ZONE) $6

71.1 Z under C – see plate block listings above.

71 F+ OG CANAL overprint tilts down at left somewhat.              $2

71b inverted ZONE in block of 4, LR stamp inverted ZONE, F to F+ TG, SE at right, perf separations, fresh     $112 

72 NH blk. of 4, 2 VF, 2 F/VF -- extremely wide margins, all 4 are almost square!!!!           $15

80.A (9.25 mm spacing) F/VF NH only    5000 printed, uncommon  $90


81 F/VF OG appears to have double transfer on right side. Rich color. $225

NEW! 84 strip of three with 84.1a (8 1/2 mm spacing – creased at top) in center and normal 11 mm spacing on either side, almost F/VF NH but gum a little waxy,

Unfortunate crease, striking variety $35

NEW! 84 block of 4 with 84.1a (8 1/2 mm spacing – tiny corner bend) at upper left, normal 11 mm spacing otherwise, almost F/VF WG, unfortunate bend, striking variety    $34



84d F/VF OG (bottom two stamps NH, top 2 LH) NH top block w/ full tab, very nice item.  $65


NEW! 86 shifted overprint – block of 4 of 86 F/VF WG with the overprint shifted to the right and down with ZONE in the perfs on three stamps.

   Unusual and attractive   $24


93 F/VF NH Broken first A in CANAL, a constant variety; see scan at: is at:  $12


94 almost F/VF OG a bit waxy, LH single with bottom plate # tab, only 270 plate singles/blocks were issued, so RARE! Scan is at:                $175


101 F/VF OG overprint very weak in Canal prtg.              $1

104 F/VF NH,"L" over "E" ovpt.       $20

115 VF plate block, glassy gum & gum soaks from being “sweatboxed” off paper.

   Still, it’s a plate block.....$10

119 F NH blk4  broken Z LL stamp $1

C5a alm.VF LC dropped "2" variety, Cristobal CDS ccl. $40

C5a F+ NH dropped "2" variety. $38

C5a almost VF NH in a pair $55

C5a F/VF OG dropped "2" variety                                              $42

C5a Used almost VF (wide margins) on FFC F8-25b (Cristobal-Guatemala

City), itself an uncommon (though not rare) flight. Magnificent error on

F/VF Mizrahi PA FFC env.  Rubberstamp cachet, bkstmpd. $68

C27 F/VF LC used in the US (CHURCH STREET STA.)    20c


CZSG J8.2 “2” shifted ½ mm right, F very light cancel, sp $7

CZSG J9.A 1.5 mm spacing between “10” and “ZONE”,  F+ LC, very uncommon. $18

CZSG J18.B 11mm spacing between CANAL and ZONE, almost F/VF slightly waxy OG  $9

Ditto F to F+ WG  $4


NEW! J17b almost F/VF OG (some waxiness to gum as normal for this issue), POSTAG DUE on the left stamp of a pair (right stamp normal, with short perf) Nice margins and fresh,

uncommon variety ($750 Scott catalog)      $200


NEW! J21 Vertical pair, of upward shifted surcharge, “Postage Due” at bottom (CZSG J21.1); this is a major error – the bottom

            five of the sheet are Scott J21a (with a $5500 catalog value), but this pair represent 2 of the remaining 45 in the sheet. They

            are F/VF NH and have right sheet margin (with perfs in selvage only reinforced by a hinge). Extremely rare, this pair is

            ex-Dunaway collection.   $295 or ($160 each for a single)



10 broken A2 in Canal & bot. serif of Z angled out, F/VF VLC few sps.. $2

10 broken A2 in Canal, used F/VF VLC, 2 sps.                $1

12 broken C, F/VF NH.           $8

12 broken C (perhaps pos. 20), F/VF waxy OG, clipped pfs at left.           $2

13 broken A1 & N, F+ NH, SE top, creases at top. Fine appearing.     $6

13 or. red ovpt., most of left & top of C missing (pos. 20?), F/VF OG.      $24

18 (CZSG 18.2 var.) P  NAMA at rt, but also with third A accented in rt.  Panama (see photo 4.63 in Plass) F/VF waxy OG, one pp at bot. Still an OK copy of a rare error (pos. 38 or 88). Broken A1, also.   $48