CZ LAST DAY COVERS!!                                       Updated 12/1/20


Sets of two: All dated 9/30/79 with both Balboa & Cristobal special machine cancels; others as noted:


Set of 2 with Rick Schwartz cachet         $4

Set of 2 with C&H cachet, see an example of the cachet:        $3.75

Set of 2, Engraved House of Farnum cachet, really beautiful covers, see:  $4

Set of 2,  Tag” Boerger color cachet of map  & fancy shield, very nice.              $4

Set of 2, Artopages map/shield bicolor  ca.  $4

Set of 2 on ArtCraft CA envelopes for #165,  addressed to ISRAEL!                      $8

Set of 2, no cachet, addressed to Switzerland! $6



Individual last day covers:

Canal Zone Postal Service cachet, Cristobal postmark, signed by Al Sprague, artist of both the stamp and cachet! $5.50

Panama Railroad cachet (by Duguid), Balboa postmark, pencil address, not often seen $4

Boxed 75th Ann’y. cachet, (Balboa only) $2.50

Kwai Ben cachet (Balboa only), see scan at    $2.75

“Tag” Boerger black ca. UC13 (Balboa) $2.25

C&H cachet, small town cancels of Gatun, Coco Solo, Rodman (9/28/79 as normal), please inquire for price. Very few left.

Harry Metzler rubberstamp cachet, FULL SET of 15 last day covers, very rare as Harry didn’t make a lot of these, includes many uncommon post offices, all very sharp

 postmarks, all have C47 on envelope; see a cachet example at:  $95 for the set

Western Heritage Association cachet in blue, rare cachet, small printed address, #114 on cover, Balboa postmark,

            (sorry that the scan is so light but it’s a hard color to scan). $4


This is interesting: this is a set of 13 last day covers on Costa Rica Consular Service air envelopes, addressed to a Vice Consul in CA. Includes Fort Davis (lightly cancel),

  Fort Gulick, Gatun and Margarita, but nine others are all postmarked Cristobal, although notations indicate they were sent to other POs for last day postmarks (we had

  similar problems ourselves in 1979!), see and  $50 set


Another interesting one! An unused legal-size blue “Feuille D’Avis / Letter Bill” penalty envelope with a Cristobal last day postmark! These are used to transmit settlement

and billing info to other nations’ postal agencies – see VERY unusual! $5


Celebrate the Century Panama Canal FDCs. Picture of C&H Cachet is at: 



1998 Celebrate the Century Panama Canal FDC. C&H Cachet of c. 1948 Crosby “Kiss of the Oceans  & Seals of the CZ & Canal Co. Unaddressed and VF  $4.35

Ditto, with tricolor Artmaster cachet of ship in Canal & flag; description on back, also unaddr& VF;

see (Sorry that the scan is so light – it’s hard to scan these white envelopes!) $ 3.50

Ditto, with striking House of Farnam cachet: gold and red/blue of ship in Canal, also unaddr. & VF, absolutely stunning cachet!

see   $ 4.00

Ditto, with Hobby Link cachet of ship in lock; only 53 made! See   $5

Ditto, with WII color laser cachet of ship and map. See   $4



 FIRST DAY COVERS OF US APOs IN PANAMA! As far as I can tell, I was the only person servicing these, which are quite uncommon!

APO first days covers were postmarked October 2 (or 3) 1979 for APO 34001 (Howard AFB), 34003 (Quarry Heights), 34004 (Fort Clayton), 34005 (Fort Sherman), 34007 (Fort Amador) and 34008 (Fort Gulick). Each are uncacheted, erased pencil addresses and VF, and are $5 each. See these scans to see the cancels:




LAST DAY (and other) COVERS OF US APOs IN PANAMA! All with C&H Cachets:

 1999 Ft Clayton AFB 34004 Last Day Covers 11/22/99. Multicolor C&H cachet of Air View of entrance & bldgs., OR seal of USARSO. See them both at:

                            Each are $5


Gorgas Hospital last day (Stough cachet of Gorgas and entrance to Hospital), 6/6/97 APO 34002 postmark, unaddressed


Picture postcard of Ancon Hill, also for closure of Gorgas Hospital, postmarked 6/6/97 at APO 34004 -- no cachet, unaddressed $4

85th Anniversary of the Panama Canal, my own cachet (color picture of Bridge of the Americas/Thatcher Ferry Bridge) 8/15/99 at 34001 (postal clerk postmarked it 8/15 but wrote 8/25 cover it, as it was backdated) $3.50


50th Anniversary of the US Air Force fancy postmark (Los Professionales of the 24th Air Postal Squadron):

9/18/97 at 34001 on postcard with US stamps  $2.50

9/25/97 at 34002 on envelope with US stamp $2.50

9/19/97 at 34004 on envelope with US stamp  $3

9/18/97 at 34005 on US postcard, unaddressed $3

9/18/97 at 34061 on envelope with US stamp, unaddressed $3



Canal Zone Postal Stationery


We use both Scotts and UPSS (United Postal Stationery Society) catalog numbers. UPSS #s are in parentheses!! The primary UPSS listings are from: The Postal Stationery of the Canal Zone, Available from the UPSS, but we are working on getting some.


Email: Our postal stationary list is completely revamped, with new, more detailed descriptions. It’s big!!  Thank you to all our customers for their past confidence. Please join the CZSG if you haven’t already!

IMPORTANT! Condition:

XF = fresh; no folds, creases or soiling from handling. VF = clean; no creases, bends or soiling. F/VF = little soiling/dinginess from wear; minimal bends but no creases. F+ = light soiling/toning from use and storage; bends as appropriate from usage. VG = grubbines, some bends or creases as described.



All are mint unless otherwise noted.


UPSS numbers in parentheses from the 1985 Postal Stationery Catalog of CZ.,  available at $10 postpaid.

COLLECTING BY SCOTT NUMBER? Just buy the lowest cost variety with the same Scott catalog number, ignoring UPSS number.


 Note that some pre-1940 papers

tend to tone  -- also age helps to tone.

Scott # (UPSS #)

U1 (1) VF mint entire, bright color $66

U1 (1) F/VF mint, intense color, very

   fresh envelope.  1 LH on back  $46

U1 (1)  VF printed address on face,

   very  sl. toning at left, o/w VF    $40

U2 (2) VF mint entire, bright color $60

U2 (2) Mint entire. It has two small bends, very tiny spot & two hinges on back. Not VF, but F/VF at least. Hey, it’s 81 years old this year!               $28

U2b (2c) Head & overprint only! Mint entire of this unusual error. Sm. lt. stn.  & scuff at extreme left, tiny cr. at end of flap. Otherwise F/VF & very fresh. Sloan gty. stamp on rev.     Scott cat. $1600.              $975

U6 (6) XF entire. Beautiful.     $33

U6 (6) very fresh mint entire -- clean with NO tones or stains. VF.    28

U6 (6) almost VF, tiny  3/8” flap tear,

   fresh and nice otherwise         15

U6 (6) almost VF, tiny bend at end of flap. Beautiful envelope!           $17

U6 (6) F/VF sl.tone on lower rear  22

U6 (6) F/VF light tone on face       13

U6 (6) F/VF, flap stuck down        16

U6 (6) VF, but with 2 vert. crs.        8

U6 (6) VF, toned on face             5

U6 (6) F+, ovpt. shifted down to bottom 1/2 of indicia, unusual         14

U7 (7) XF fresh entire              33

U7 (7) VF, 3/8” tear at lower left 10

U7 (7) VF flap stuck                  23

U7 (7a) Type 2 (open “C”), very rare

  VF entire , HR on back and light

  mark at right from printing roller

  UPSS Cat $150;           $70

U8 (8) XF entire                        17

U8 (8) VF sl. bk. tone,    10

U8 (8) alm VF, thin at upper left   7

U8 (8) F/VF lt tone at right       10

U8 (8) vertical cr. in center VF     9

U8 (9) XF entire                      22

U8 (9) F/VF entire                   18

U8 (9) VF very slight wrs.        12

U8 (9)  F+ sl. toning                12

Note:  UPSS #10, 11, 13 and 14 all have the same catalog value ($27 mint). Scott value is actually more than UPSS at $30! Very unusual.

U9 (10) VF, small lt. tone on

    back. Very clean & fresh.     17

U9 (10) F/VF entire                  14

U9 (10) General Request corner card,

  VF+ magnificent mint envelope! 28

U9 (10) General Request corner card at upper left, bend  & some foxing at

 UL also. Fresh & clean                8

U9 (10) Genl. PO Request, both vert.

  & horiz. folds, VF otherwise, fresh  4

U9 (10) Balboa Hts. request corner card. Fold at left, o/w F/VF & neat $14

U9 (11) VF entire                    18

U9 (11) VF, sm. nick at top      12

U9 (11) VF, toned                     9

U9 (11) Mint entire; some idiot put small scribbles on back flap, also some small folds at right edge. Still, clean and F/VF.       5

U9 (12) General request prtd. cc at UL, fresh & F/VF+ envelope.    $60

U9 (13) legal size envelope, mint XF          22

U9 (13) legal size envelope few crs.o/w VF 18

U9 (13) legal size envelope F/VF entire       14

U9 (13) legal size envelope vert cr., o/w F/VF                8

U9 (13) legal size envelope flap damage, tone    4

U9 (14) legal size envelope VF 11

U9 (14) legal size envelope F/VF tone @ rt.                 8

U10 (15) mint, couple of usual paper spots. Pristine otherwise.         8.50

U10 (15) FIRST DAY COVER (earliest known usage) Balboa 4/11/32 to Toledo. VF entire.       $30

U10 (16) XF entire                3.50

U10 (18) F/VF entire            $9.50

U10 (19) legal size envelope XF                 4

U10 (20) legal size envelope XF                 4

U10 (21) legal size envelope XF                 3

U10 (21) legal size envelope slight bend VF 2

U10 (21p) Penalty overprint; legal size envelope Toning on extreme edge, XF o/w (only 31,250).  Uncommon.                            $12

U10 (22) XF                             4

U10 (22) VF mint entire. Slight fold $3

U10 (23) XF                             4

U10 (23) VF, prtd. addr or cc         2

U11 (24) F/VF, only 4,500 prtd $45

U11 (25) legal size envelope VF, uncommon     $34

U11 (25) legal size envelope F/VF              28

U11 (25) legal size envelope VF, sl. creases                20

U11 (27) 3rd day of usage Balboa 4/11/32 to Toledo. VF used.   $8

U11 (28) VF entire                     3.50

U11 (28p) legal size envelope,  prtd. address VF             4

U11 (29)  XF - fresh                  3.50

U11 (29p) XF                           3

U11 (29p) F/VF mint entire         2

U11 (29p) F no ccl. opened rough   25c

U12 (31) legal size envelope alm XF very rare   

Scotts $225, UPSS $275. Scarce envelope (20,000 exist).       $200

U13 (32) legal size envelope VF, 1/8” tear at top          17

U13 (33) legal size envelope VF 21

U13 (33) legal size envelope sl. edge soil F 12

U13 (34) top & bot. stns., away from

    indicia. Clean & VF otherwise. $9

U13 (35) FIRST DAY COVER Balb Ht. 7/20/32 mc Unaddressed F/VF $40

U13 (35) XF                            17

U13 (35) alm VF, hinges on back  $10

U14 (36) VF, only 8,000 exist  $425

U15 (37) XF, only 5,500 exist   $220

U15 (39) VF rare, 5,000 exist   $225

U16 (40) VF, the key 3c envelope  $12

U16 (41) legal size envelope XF   2

U16 (41) legal size envelope F+, some tones               75c

U16 (42) legal size envelope VF  1

U16 (43 OR 44 OR 46) VF Ea.:   1

U16 (43) Mint entire with a few small creases. Not bad, just not up to our standards.                          70c

U16 (45) VF, LH on back           $1

U16 (47) VF, light back tone at top 50c

U16 (48) VF                             1

U16 (48) ditto but flap stuck.    1.50

U16 (48) ditto and small flap tr. 45c

U16 (49) XF                             7

U16 (50) #10 VF                       1

U16 (52) F/VF                          2

U17 (53) legal size envelope VF but rev toned                50c

U17 (53) legal size envelope VF     1

U17 (53) XF, light blue color.      2

U17 (53) ditto, tone at extreme left 50c

U17 (54) Two mint entire, one each dark and light blue! Flaps stuck, o/w superb.                3

U17 (54) XF                           1

U17 (54) XF light blue, flap stuck, $1

U17 (54) FDC, label addr.        75c

U17 (55) XF                      1.50

U17 (56) XF                           3

U17 (57) legal size envelope XF 1.45

U17 (58) legal size envelope F/VF              1.25

U17 (59) XF only 3500 issued 11

U17 (60) XF   "    "     "            11

U17 FDC UA                       1.60

U17 FDC Addressed             1.20

U18 (61) legal size envelope  XF  1

U18 (63) legal size envelope XF   1.25

U18 (64,  65, 66 OR 67) XF @ $2 ea.

U18 (66) XF This one has the “split blues” -- upper 2/3 of indicia is dark blue, while bot.1/3 is light blue! 4.75

U18 (67) Only 12,500 issued. Also split blue indicia. Superb mint entire$4

U19 (68) F/VF, flap stuck, tone   75c

U19 (68) XF 8000 issued            $2

U19 (68) dark blue surcharge, XF $3

U19 (69) Only 5,000 issued. Superb mint entire, flap stuck.              $9

Ditto, flap not stuck  XF           12

U19 (69) ditto, vertical fold near middle. Superb otherwise.               8

Note: UPSS #70-7 were provisional envelopes created from old stock.

U19 (70) VF  only  5000 issued $12

U19 (71) VF   "           "       12

U19 (74) VF   "    "       "       20

U19 (75 OR 76 OR 77) VF, also only 5,000 each issued.  Each @ $20

U20 (78) legal size envelope XF  50c  VF    40c

U20 (78) FDC UA              1.20

U20 (79) XF                       50c

U20 (79) XF flap stuck         25c

U20 (79) VF                       35c

U20 FDC UA   $1.10     Addr.  75c

U20 UA, signed by Postmaster, Balboa (Halvosa)           $4

U21 (80) legal size envelope XF                 60c

U21 (80) legal size envelope VF                 50c

U21 (81 OR 82) XF  Each:       $ 2

U21 FDC UA, rubberstamp CZ Postal Service Cachet     $4

U22 (83) legal size envelope XF                 50c

U22 FDC UA                       $1

U22 (84 or 85 or 86 or 87) XF   ea. 50c

U23 (88) legal size envelope XF                 50c

U23 (88a) #10 XF lt. purple color   50c

U23 (89) XF                         $1

U23 (91) XF                         $1

U23 (93) XF                         $2

U23 (94 OR 95 OR 96) XF  Each: 50c


Airmail Envelopes:

UC1 (A1) XF & fresh!  #10 size $ 105

UC1 (A1) F/VF with C3 added, typed “First Flight from CZ to Miami” at left,

yet mint! Unusual                     36

UC1 (A1) F/VF                         74

UC1 (A3) #8 size, F/VF  & fresh, only 5000 exist.  UPSS $200      $110

UC1 (A3) ditto, vertical tone spot in center, otherwise VF           $85

UC1 (A3) ditto, VF, back toned    60

UC1 (A3) ditto, tiny tear in flap, sm. wr,] at UR, otherwise XF             55

UC2 (VIA AIR MAIL at left) (A6) #8 size, almost VF, fresh, UPSS $200               $50

UC2 (A6) #8 ditto, F/VF, wrinkles at right, fresh. UPSS $200. Clean entire, uncommon. $22

UC3 (A7) XF (UPSS $16)         $8

UC3(A7) VF                              4

UC3 (A7) VF; 3 small pen marks on lower left & middle of env. VF o/w.             1.50

UC3 (A7)  FDC , addr. VF. Undercat-

alogued by Scott.                    $3

UC3 (A7) ditto, F+ only, foxing  $1

UC3 (A7) FDC, flap torn      40c

UC3 (A7) FDC Reinig Cachet VF  $8

UC3(A9) XF                         3.50

UC3(A10) XF                            4

UC4 (A12) XF                           3

UC4 (A13) XF                           3

UC4 (A14) FDC Addr. Balb.  ccl. $2

UC4 (A14) VF                      4.25

(UC5 was ONLY issued in legal size, not smaller normal envelope size)

UC5 (A16) XF legal size envelope                             3.25           

UC5 (A17) XF legal size envelope              3.25

UC5 (A17) tone at upper left     75c

UC5 FDC UA                         $4

UC6 (A18) XF                      1.50

UC6 (A18) FDC, UA $ 1.65  Addr.                $1

UC6 FDC UA, ink cat. # at bot.   50c

(UC7 was ONLY issued in legal size, not smaller normal envelope size)

UC7 (A20) F/VF legal size envelope              $7

UC8 (A21) XF                      2.60

UC8 (A22) XF                         $4

UC9 (A23) XF Rare, UPSS $18    $9

UC9 (A23) lt crs, o/w VF          $4

UC9 (A24A) XF                    2.25

UC9 (A25) XF Rare, UPSS $18 $9

UC9 (A25)  lt crs, o/w VF         $4

UC9 (A25A) XF                    2.25

UC9 (A26A) XF                    2.25

(UC10 was ONLY issued in legal size, not smaller normal envelope size)

UC10 (A28) legal size, XF      1.75

UC10 (A28) legal size F/VF mint entire, small folds on one corner (no big deal). 1.25

UC10 (A29) legal size XF           2

UC10 (A29) legal size F+, LL & LR crn. crs. 50c

UC10 (A30) legal size XF           4

UC11 (A31) XF                     2.50

UC11 (A32) XF                     2.50

UC11 (A33) XF Uncommon    5.50

UC11 (A34) ditto XF              5.50

UC11 FDC  (A31 or 32) UA    1.75

UC11 FDC, addr.                $1.20

UC11 FDC, UA, ink ident. #    50c

UC13 (A36) XF                     2.20

--Same, sm. stn. at rt. edge     50c

UC13 (A38) XF                     2.20

UC12 (A39) XF                     2.75

UC12 (A40) XF                     2.75

UC14 (A41) XF legal size envleope                80c

UC14a (A43) XF                      $3

UC14 (A44) XF                      75c

Note: A44 is mostly watermarked  with 49A, not 49. It is also our research that  the indicia of value for A43 is rose red in color, while that of A44 is carrmine.

UC14 FDC (A44) UA  $2 Addr. $1

UC14 FDC (A44), UA, signed by postmaster at Balboa    $5

We have found that A49 was apparen- tly printed in both rose red and the darker carmine color -- both the indicia and the additional value appear in similar colors, interestingly enough.

UC15 (A49) XF Rose Red    $1.25

UC15 (A49) XF Carmine           $2

UC15 (A50) XF Uncommon      $4

UC15 (A51) XF                       $1

UC16 (A53) XF 10,000 issued   $2

UC16 (A55) XF 10,000 issued     2

UC15 reprint (A57) XF           1.65

CZ Post Office 11/60 Air Newsletter sheet, folded. Light blue color    50c


Used Stationery:

Modern Canal Zone postal stationery is quite uncommon. We are pleased to be able to offer these:

NOTE: : FT = flap stuck to envelope & pulled some paper underneath it off when opened. No big deal, but thought it should be mentioned.


U1 (1) F/VF entire with 38 added, Balboa Hts. 11/22/17 mc. Frank Greene boxed rtn at upper left; addres- sed to JM Bartels, NYC.  Neat. $36

U1 (1) with 38 added, Balb Hts 2/14/18 mc, a bit grubby, edge bends. VG/F $8

U2 (2) Fort Amador Hs-11 6/28/18 (same date as in the Entwistle book!) used to Phila. QM Cp. Fort Amador rtn. Book calls cancellations from this PO in ‘18 “scarce”. Usual small corner crs. F/VF                     50

U2 (2) Corozal CDS Hs-11c 1/24/18 to Maine. Rtn. to Co. D. Signal Corps, Corozal. Light fold at rt through indicia, sm. pc. gone LR edge. F/VF o/w  $15

U2 (2) Corozal 7/31/16 to Oshkosh. F/VF, open at left,  cnr bend at LR. $12

U2 (2) BLUE Balboa Hts. 11/18/19 CDS!! Typed addr to FL, opened at left & slightly reduced, F/VF otherwise.$15

U2 (2) Cristobal 4/4/18 CDS, to NYC, vert. fold at left, part of flap gone,F+ $8

U2 (2) Cristobal 5/8/20 to NY, F $3.50

U3 (3)  with #60 added, Cristobal 10/9/22 CDS, to FL. Opened at right & bit reduced there (a small touch into indicia), some tones and lt waterstain. Appears F+ to F/VF. Scotts $375. $70

U4 (4) Cristobal 4/15/23 to FL. Opened at right, just touches indicia at UR. Overall light tone, F++.   $23

U4 (4) Balboa 12/28/-- CDS. Appears F/VF, opened a touch rough at UR, not touching  indicia, light vert. fold.   $20

U4 (4) Ancon 4/19/22 mc to MA, small tear at center top (moree on back), appears F/VF+. Scott $125         $13

U4 (4) Somewhat heavy Balboa 12/22/22 CDS (prob. Hs-11c). Union Oil. of Cal. rtn. to Royal Neth.  Steam- ship, Cristobal. Some stains on face. F/VF o/w.      65

U5 (5) Corozal 6/2/24 CDS to St. Louis. Cover F/VF except for bend at upper left and 1” tear at lower right; indicia of value OK.  Rare env. $52

U6 (6)  Light but readable Balboa Hts. 11/1/24 CDS addressed to A.W. French, Hts. Also neat rubberstamp of same date on face. Reduced very slightly at left in opening. Scarce used. Close to VF.                  $32

U7 (7)  Ancon 10/7/24 CDS used to NYC. Light wrinkle at lower rt and light tone on rt edge. Otherwise VF. $27

U7 (7) neat Balb. Hts. 8/25/24 CDS, to Levy at Gatun. 2nd month of usage.  Light bends at places. F+.                $12

U9 (10) used with Ancon mc 10/25/24. Is this a FDC? It might be 2nd day, or 1st month -- I don’t know. In any event, it’s early! Neatly addr. to Mass. Flap damage, few light folds. Still, F/VF and quite an interesting item.                18

U9 (10) Ancon 1/29/29 mc. Corner card: printed Masonic Hall, Ancon.  Company rcvg. date stamp too. Opened rough at left, but still nice . $5

U9 (11) Lightly machine ccld., fancy Panama Auto Club  AAA printed cc at upper left, reduced a touch at left . $14

U9 (11) Ancon 12/9/30  CDS to IA.  F/VF usage.            $10

U9 (12) sharp strike of Cristobal MC-2 10/25/27 to CA. TA. Sm. wrinkles at l edge.             14

U9 (12)  ditto of Gatun 12/12/30 CDS to Kalamazoo Stove Co. Light wrinkles & lt. cr. at LR. Otherwise almost VF. Tiniest FT on flap. The least common of U9s. 15

U9 (12) used with Cristobal 7/9/2(7?) CDS to ship chandler in Eastport. ME. Folds at left, sm. pc. missing at UL corner, tiny tr. at rt. missing indicia. UPSS $24. 3

U9 (13) Balb Hts. 6/22/28 mc, from postmaster.  Roughly handled but intact & neat. F+.          $5

U9 (13), 85 #10 size used to Carta- gena, Colombia and backstamped 1927. Small printed rtn. to Atwater Kent Radio Products, “Built for the Tropics”. Fold at left and opened a bit rough, but F/VF overall. Unusual use 5

U10 (16) VF use entire with undated blind Ancon mc, to Pedro Miguel post office box holder. Nice.               $1.25

U10 (16) ditto but thins & tones.  50c

U10 (16) Light Olive shade, used at Pedro Miguel .    VF env.       $2

U10 (17) Cristobal mc, used VF.  $4

U10 (19) Balb Hts 2/27/36 to Denver, bkstpd. & fwrd., Red fancy Abou Saud Temple rtn, fold at left, F/VF    $3

U10 (23) with 106 used from Gamboa

  ‘47 to Marg. Cut down at left , F/VF 1

U11 (25) interesting unsealed use with 107 and 109 for airmail rate to Kokomo, IN.  Balboa Hts. 3/39 mc on face. Fold at left, tiny trunder flap and lt. bend, o/w VF .                                            $28

U13 (33) EARLIEST KNOWN USE Balboa 1/10/33 mc, from Postmaster Hinz to Toledo. Cert fold at left and some edge foxing at rt. Still F++ $26

U13 (35) Cristobal 5/27/36 to Postmaster, Santa Cruz CA. Tiny tr at left, back tone. VF otherwise.    $4

U13 (35) Crist. 2/25/33 to FL. VF!  $9

U16 (43) used to Iowa. Balboa Hts. 12/10/34 CDS (1st 2 months of use), vert. cr. at right, tone mark on back. Otherwise F/VF & pretty fresh                           1

U16 (43) F/VF 12/17/34 usage to Texas.  Nice, couple of cor. bds.   $2

U16 (43) Pedro Miguel 6/21/37 CDS. Opened rough at top & glued. 75c

U16 (44) neatly typed addr & ret. to IA. Balb Hts 10/28/38 mc with “Speeds World Commerce” slogan. F/VF  2.25

U16 (44) with 117 (4) added for 15c air rate Gamboa 8/21/41 CDS, reduced at left from opening, F/VF o/w.      $2

U16 (48) Balboa 2 2/27/61 mc. Flap torn with some FT. F/VF o/w.    75c

U16 (48) Balboa 1960  Sl-3 mc;  Theatre Guide rtn. F/VF, FT.           $1

U16 (51) Ft. Davis ‘36 usage on lightly toned env (writing on back. F/VF   $1

U16 (51a) Balb. Hts. 6/6/42 with 106  and C9 to NY, opened 2 1/2 sides $3

U16 (52) with 106 Balboa 1/31/47  to Toledo, F/VF to VF used.       $3

U16 (52) and 117 Balboa 2/47 mc to -- you guessed it!-- Toledo.  F/VF.  $3

U17 (54) Balboa 2 6/4/60 mc; intra- Balboa usage. Opened roughly; “indicia” OK. 40c

U17 (54) Balb. Hts. 1960 CDS. To Theatre Guild (for tickets?) VF.                    75c

U17 (54) Balboa 2 6/1/60 mc; usage ditto. Small FT in opening. F/VF. These are very uncommon.        50c


Airmail Envelopes Used:

UC1 (A1) with two 106s added -- FDC of 106! Balb. Hts. 10/1/28 on F/VF env. with Roessler picture address label. Sm. cr at right. Still nice.            $90

UC3 (A7) Balboa 5/19/51 mc VF $5

UC3 (A7) Curundu 12/3/49 CDS, light blue indicia of value VF to TX  $6

UC3 (A7) Cristobal 1/26/50 F/VF $3.75

UC3 (A9) partial Curundu 3/14/52 mc F/VF, to Sears, Phila. PA   $3

UC3 (A9) Balboa AMF 5/6/52 F+  $2

UC3 (A9) with 141 added, Balboa AMF 9/3/51 CDS, flap torn on opening  $3

UC3 (A10) F/VF Margarita 4/15/55 CDS, vert. crease, tape seal.    1

UC3 (A10) Howard AFB 10/22/53, Ft. Kobbe rtn addr to NY, sm flap flt. $1

UC3 (A10) Ft. Clayton 5/57 F/VF, back tears in opening.     $1.10

UC3 (A10) Ancon 2/6/56 CDS, from Gen Del Ancon.  Vert ctr. fold.  $1.50

UC4 (A14) (Balboa) 7/11/61 mc to FL, VF used entire. Nice & clean.  $3.50


CZ Postal Cards:

UX1 (S1) VF  card. Fresh.           $38

UX1 (S1) VFvery tiny UL crnr bend $34

UX1 (S1) F/VF mint copy. Very tiny LR & LL corner bends. Small soiling at LL, but not dramatically so. Good example of a decent UX1!   $29

UX1 (S1) F/VF two sm. crnr bends & hinges, but otherwise nice.      $28

UX1 (S1) F/VF 2 tiny back dents.

   Some offset on back!          $23

UX1 (S1) F+,  some corner bends $16

UX1 (S1) interesting usage – 1c Panama stamps added and postmarked Colon 9/4/07 to Hamburg, Germany; message in German. Receiving postmark dated 9/23/07. Light LR corner bend, otherwise VF and fresh. Unusual and

   Uncommon used to foreign destinations (even from Panama!)  $16

UX2 (S3) About VF, 2 sm belmishes

   but otherwise very clean & fresh. $60

UX2 (S3) F/VF, ink spot center of card.

  Fresh otherwise.                   $40

UX2 (S3) used Culebra 8/19 CDS

  (message dated 1908) To Delaware.

  Couple light bends and UL crnr cr

  Otherwise fresh & F/VF.    POR

UX2 (S3) Empire 6/6/08 CDS, very

  Light corner bend (not a crease &

  barely noticeable) & VF.    $40

UX2 (S5) VF, typed message on back

   re: Order of Kangaroos.  Nice.   $105

UX2 (S5) Corozal 5/5/11 to Paraiso;

  Vert. Bend in center, o/w VF $48

UX2 (S6) with CZ #31 added, Ancon 6/18/-- to Costa Rica, recvg. Pstmk there 6/23/11, VERY early usage $85

UX2 (S7) F/VF used example of this rare postcard (40,000 issued); Ancon 12/13/11 to Urbana IL, sm hinge thins on back from mounting, otherwise clean and F/VF, attractive      $50

UX2 (S9) F/VF+ mint copy of this also rare card (40,000 issued), foxing on left edge, clean back (no HR) $95

UX4 (S10) Just about XF, pristine card with one very tiny ink dot. UPSS $180 list. Great example of UX4.       $90

UX4 (S10) F/VF+ tiniest tone spot $55

UX4 (S10) F/VF+ Tiny foxing UR   $50

UX4 (S10) Looks VF but nick  UL  $38

UX4 (S10) F/VF, corner bends     $22

UX4 (S10) F+ tone/corner bends  $14

UX4 (S10) Balboa 2/7/17 CDS to

  Cristobal; ptmkd there & fwrd to

  Gatun; printed Society of the Chagres

  Annual Dinner notice. VF+   $50

UX4 (S10) Balboa Hts. mc 3/1/15 M-2; now, Entwistle (2nd edition) says that this  machine cancel was placed in service at Balb. Hts on 3/15/15, but this clearly was used on the 1st. Typed message announces the new Rep. Panama commem. series issued same day (adds H. F. Colman Wash DC as a reference!). Small LL corner cr, otherwise VF. Scarce early machine cancel.   $100

CZ UX6 (UPSS #S13), one of the rarest regular issue pieces of postal stationery, and only embossed postal card issued by the CZ. Mint copy in fresh VF (I would use XF, but in my mind VF is the finest possible!) condition, with no stains, bends, edge foxing or worn corners one normally expects to see. Scott catalog value $1050.  Net $875

UX7 (S14) Balb Hts 6/13/22 From RS Carter to Toledo Stamp Co., re: Panama stamps. Bends, pc out UR. $400 Scott cat.  Should be worth  $38

UX7 (S14) XF priostine card.    $75

UX7 (S14) VF light buff color as

  always. tiny spot at UR. Sharp.   $40

UX7 (S14) F/VF, some back soiling in one corner. Light buff paper.     $33

UX7 (S14) F/VF                      $45

UX8 (S15) VF card, sharp        $60

UX9 (S16) VF light buff paper   $6

UX9 (S16) ditto, hinge on back    $4

UX9 (S16) VF darker buff paper $6

UX9 (S16) F/VF but small tear     1

UX9 (S16) Printed back, GATUN, CZ on face only. F/VF $3

UX9 (S16) ditto, toned                1

UX10 (S17) XF usual paper      $1.25

UX10 (S17) XF very light buff      1.75

UX10 (S17) couple of tones          75c

UX10 (S17) Pedro Miguel 3/19/43 Tropical Stamp Co. printed form to NY Journal American newspaper phil. dept. Back when papers cared about us!  $2

UX11 (S18) Flat plate XF         $1.25

UX11 (S18) VF                           75c

UX11 (S19) Rotary plate XF     $3

UX11 (S19) VF                         2.25

UX11 (S19 var) XF Ovpt shifted to  the left side of indicia, blocking “2”.             $4.50

UX11 FDC, rubberstamp cachet of CZ seal (Tatleman?) VF UA        $6

UX11 FDC UA                           2

UX11 (S10pa) Scarce dropped “O” variety of Penalty ovpt. for CZPS use. Oct. 1961 usage of announce- ment card for USCARIB air stamp. Light cnr. bend. otherwise F/VF. $20

UX12 (S20) XF                         1

UX12 (S20) 6/18/62 ccl, Colon bkstmp.  F/VF with UR cnr bend. $1.50

UX12 FDC UA                          1

UX12 FDC Addr.                       65c

UX13 (S21) XF. A less common postcard.  Dark green 1c ovpt.        $2.25

UX13 (S21 var) XF Light green 1c   $4

UX13 (S21) F/VF lightish tone on

  bot. of face, light corner cr.    75c

UX13 (S22) XF  2.25 (S23) XF $2

UX14 FDC UA                       2

UX14 FDC, creases, addr.       50c

UX15 (S24) XF                       30c

UX15 (S24) FDC with Junior cachet. VF, UA. Seldom seen.             $2

UX15 FDC, UA                      75c

UX15 (S24) FDC. F/VF no cachet. UA. Some light stns. on face away from indicia. SF.      5c

UX16 (S25) XF Light emerald   $1.15

UX16 (S26) XF Light emerald   90c

UX16 (S26a) XF Dark emerald  60c

UX16 (S26a) with 152, Balboa 5/78 National Police Week mc, UA   $3

UX17 (S27) XF                       60c

UX17 FDC, UA                      75c

UX18 (S28) XF Light blue 1c.   $1.40

UX18 (S28a) XF Dark blue 1c.    1.40

UX18 (S29) XF Light blue 1c.   70c

UX18 (S29a) XF Dark blue 1c.  50c

UX19 (S30) XFSmooth paper    50c

UX19 (S30a) XF Coarse paper  50c

UX19 FDC (S30) UA               75c

UX19 FDC (S30) Addr., crease 25c

UX19 (S30) with 138, Balboa 5/79 Natl. Police Wk mc, late usage $3

UX19 FDC (S30a) UA             75c

UX19 FDC (S30a) Addr., cr.     25c

UX20 (S32) Balboa 10/76 Prevent Fires mc, UA. Unusual. $3.50

Ditto Cristobal Make Fire Your Servent mc, UA  and unusual.       $3.50

UX20 (S32) XF smooth            40c

UX20 (S32) Balboa 7/76 AMERICA’S BICENTENNIAL mc!! UA        $4

UX21 (S33) XF smooth            $1

UX21 (S33) Cristobal 1/16/79 CDS but unaddressed VF   $1

UX21 (S33a) XF Coarse          60c

UX21 (S33) Balboa 5/79 Natl. Police Wk mc, pencil addr, late usage  $2.50

UX21 (S33a) Cristobal 1/16/79 CDS but unaddressed. VF                  60c

ditto but addr. to OH, no message. 60c

UX21 (S34) XF smooth            50c

UX21 (S34a) XF coarse           60c


Airmail Postal Cards:

UXC1 (SA1) XF                      $2

UXC1 (SA1) VF appearing, SF  40c

UXC1 (SA1) FDC UA, 1:30 PM post-

   mark; unique???                  $4

UXC1 (SA1) FDC, UA (erased)      60c

UXC1 (SA1) FDC, addr.            1.40

UXC2 (SA2) XF                      $5.50

UXC2 (SA2) FDC, UA  tiny cor nick              $4

UXC2 (SA3) Xf, uncommon         $7

UXC3 (SA4) XF                      2.50

UXC4 (SA5) XF                      1.85

UXC5 (SA6) XF                        60c



UC6 blue & red Junior cachet (of plane & “Stamped Envelope” with design), unaddressed. New to me.$3

UX15 with Junior cachet, also unaddressed.   1.35

PLEASE GIVE ALTERNATE CHOICES on orders. Thank you very much!