CZ PERFINS -- OFFICIAL PERF P (updated 9/411)


CZ stamps were punched with perforated initials for official CZ Government use until Official overprinted stamps were in use.

They are quite rare at the least, but we do have a few of them.


71 F LC, perfin oriented at P $8

71 F LC SE, also oriented as P 4

105 F+ SE, LC, thin, ord. as P 4

C20 F/VF, quite light ccl., lt. wr., P sideways backwards pointing down. Nice $45




CZ Precancels!

All numbers are from CZSG Handbook #6, by L. Entwistle or CZ Stamps, by Plass, et al.


We have many, many more precancels but dont have the time to list them, so please send your wantlists!


The used ones were used in parcel service, so condition often tends to be rough all are as described if defects are obvious.

NH ones are of course unused and in mint condition unless noted.


Type 3 (PC3-3) (2nd Replacement Plate):

105 F/VF 30c NH F+20c NH

105 F+ Block of 4 NH 85c

108 F/VF 65c NH F+ 45c NH

108 F/VF OG 45c

111 F/VF 85c NH F+ 65c NH

112 NH F/VF $1.30 F+ 95c

112 alm VF NH (2 LH) corner blk. 4 $5

112 F/VF with SRC V used $4.50

113 NH F/VF $1.50 F+ $1.15

113 F/VF NH Block of 4 $5.25

113 F/VF OG 75c

117 NH F/VF 95c F+ 70c

117 F/VF NH pair w/left selvage

with purple wash over stamp $2.25

138 NH F/VF 50c F+ 30c

139 F/VF NH 75c F+ OG 35c

139 VF OG 85c F/VF OG 50c


Mint set of eight PC3-3 Precancels F/VF NH $6.25


Type 4 (PC-4) (Original Pl.)

107 F+ sm. fl. Scarce. $15


Type 4a (PC4-2) (1st Replacement)

107 F+ $9


We are always seeking the less common precancels, so please contact us if you have any to sell.

We have a few other SRC types -- will quote upon request.