CZ Postage Dues – Revised  7/10/21


My postage due section is extremely fast moving! It is hard to keep these in stock, especially J10-14 in good condition and mint J4-9. Please bear with me as some of these may not be available when you order.


CZ #26 overprinted with “T” in a circle, F/VF, stamp lightly toned, other faults, interesting $10


J1 F+ to F/VF NH waxiness to gum, block of 4 with 3mm spacing, very fresh & attractive, Scott $450   $160

J1 F+ OG fresh and bright color, great stamp    $43

J1 VG/F slightly waxy OG  $26

J1 almost VF NC   $14  very light cancel, see: $18

J1 F/VF LC           $17

J1 almost F/VF LC  $12

J1 F++ VLC  $13  similar but with small thin  $5

J1 F  LC  thin         $4

J1 F-   NC $8          LC  $10

J1 VG/F  LC    $6

J2 almost.VF          VLC $46    LC $38           

J2 F/VF pair with very neat,Cristobal oval CDS. Nice  $60

J2 F/VF                 VLC  $36     NC $27

J2 F/VF LC                  $30

J2 F+ VLC $27   VG/F LC  $13

J3 F/VF NC                $36  

J3 LC small thin  LC   $14

J3 F/VF very, very light cancel $46

J3 almost F/VF             LC  $34

J3 F+       LC $28  VLC $31   HC $20

J3 F/VF  LC repaired tear $9

J3 almost VF 2 sides with SE NC  $15

I do have a set of J1-3 used blocks; J1 F to almost F/VF LC with 3 mm spacings, J2 VG LC and J3 F/VF very LC. Please contact me for price.

J4 F/VF         VLC $4.50     LC  $3.25

J4 F/VF  WG $5

J4 almost F/VF WG $4.25

J4 F+   LC $2.25

J5 F+ part gum, some gum soaking $26

J5 F/VF LC crease $7   sp $2

J5 almost F/VF OG large margins, very tiny thin $22

J5 F+               NG $45    LC $10

J5 F+ heavy gumsoak 1 pulled perf, NG $12

J6 almost VF TG $24

J6F to F+ NG $14

J6 F no gum, 2 short perfs $7   F to F+ NG crease $8

J6 F+ OG ones slightly short perf $9

J6 F/VF   LC      $8

J6 F+       LC       $6


J7 F to F+ NH very slightly waxy gum but clearly NH, thus difficult to find $54

J7 almost F/VF fresh OG gum $54

J7 F+ to almost F/VF slightly waxy gum, gum crease not affecting stamp paper,    $45

J7 F+ OG very fresh gum, bright color   $50

J7 F+ slightly waxy gum, fresh and attractive, “1” shifted to the right 1/2mm (CZSG J7.1)   $52

J7 almost F/VF VLC  $12  LC  $10

J7 F+   NC $6  LC sp  $5

CZSG #J7.1 “1” shifted to the right 1/2 mm   F+ LC  $8

J8 almost F/VF NH bend, slight waxy gum $25

J8 VF LC sp $3 VF  NC $6  no gum, bends $5

J8 F/VF OG slight toning at left, not as obvious as on the scan   $17

J8 shifted overprint so CANAL is cut, F+ WG, unusual variety seldom seen, ex-Salz (others are sold) $32

J8 F/VF OG 1 sp $4          NC  $5

J8 almost F/VF   OG  $17    ditto small thin $2

J8 F+ NH slightly waxy gum $15

J8 F+  LC $5   NC 3.50    LC sps  $1.25

J8 F NG  $4

J9 VF  LC sp $3

J9 in this scan (the others are sold:  almost F/VF OG LH  $15

J9 almost F/VF WG $13  no gum $8.50

J9 F/VF NH, crease and bend $8

J9 F+ OG $12   very LC  $3  LC $2.50   NC $2

J9 F/VF LC $4     NC $2.50   LC sps 75c

J9 F++ OG crease and slightly short perf $2.75

J9 F wrinkles NH  $10  VG LC $1

J10 almost VF WG thin but attractive $5

J10 F/VF OG  $26      two np  $8

J10 almost F/VF WG $17

J10 almost F/VF no gum  $10   LC  one sp $4

J10 almost F/VF NC one slightly short perf $3

J10 F+ WG fresh $16  WG not fresh!   $9

J10 F+ VLC  $8  one short perf $6

J11 F+  WG  $13   no gum  $9

J11 F/VF NC $9   F to F+ VLC  $7

J11 almost F/ VF WG tear $5     LC crease $4

J11 F/VF WG with some toned spots (not as obvious as in the scan)   $16

J11 F+ VLC thin          $6

J11 F- NC  $4      F NC space filler $3

J11C used F/VF LC $3.50


J12 is one of the least common dues to locate mint in good condition, as only 10,000 were issued. I feel it is very undercatalogued, even at $110

J12 F/VF NH sl WG,  tiny thin $22

J12 F NH small corner crease, sl WG $18  crease, sl WG $13

This scan shows the next two stamps:  

J12 F/VF LC          $19    F/VF VLC $22

And here are the next two:  (Oops – first one just sold 8/1/10):

J12 F++ LC           $15    F+ VLC $14.50   F+ LC $13

J12 just F LC               $9

J12 F to F+ LC     $12

J13 F/VF++ OG nice $52

J13 F/VF OG tiny thin  $16    VLC $13

J13 F/VF WG SE at bottom  $14

J13 just F no gum block of 4, block has catalog value of $275, so I’ll sell it for $35 or singles for $8 each 

J13 almost F/VF       LC $7   NC $4

J13 F/VF used block of 6, cancel halfway between LC and NC, attractive & uncommon multiple $36

J13 just F+ OG $40

J13 F+ regummed, very light bend $15

J13 F+ LC 7.25     F LC $6       F- LC  $4.50

J14 F+ WG, attractive stamp $70

J14 F to F+ OG, fresh stamp $75

J14 VG/F (perfs just cut at top) WG, bottom plate single #5540, plate blocks are

       extremely rare of this stamp!     $100

J14 F/VF OG $125

J14 F/VF OG   surface a bit dirty   $20

J14 F/VF NC    $22

J14 F/VF LC, nice margins  $28 almost F/VF LC thin $4

J14 F+ NC  $17   just F LC $18   F+ LC one short corner perf   $5


Note: J15 to J17 mint are normally found with waxy (WG) or tropical gum (TG) – fresh gum is very uncommon!

J15 VF LC $16

J15 F/VF+ LC, see scan   $12

J15 F/VF WG gum a little tropicalized $32  F/VF  NG  $18

J15 F+ LC block of 4, neat $27  

J15 F+ waxy gum  $38     LC $9    VG NH  $22

J16 VF+  tissue on OG  $14

J16 F/VF thin OG $5    LC $6  HC $4

J16 F+  WG   $9        LC $4

J16 F++ WG  $8

J16 almost  VF LC block of 4  $46  pretty

J17 F/VF OG but slightly waxy, fresher than normally seen   $38

J17 alm VF OG crease $12 VG/F TG8

J17 F/VF              VLC $9  LC $7

J17 F/VF LC   $8

J17 F/VF   NC $6       VF NG scrs. $4

J17 F+ slightly NH WG  $26  VG/F OG cr $4

J17 F+ OG $10   LC $6     NC $4

J17 F  TG NH $7

J17 VG/F           TG $3


J18 F+ to F/VF NH lower right corner block of 4 with siderographer’s initials, rare & popular collecting area  $46

J18 F/VF OG slightly short perf $6   

J18 F/VF LC $2.50

J18 F/VF VLC block of 4   $12

J18 F+  TG NH   $4  OG $5    LC 1.60

J18 F+WG $3  F NG $2   F+TG/NH $2

J19 F/VF     LC  $3     LC on small piece $3

J19 F+ WG LH $5.50   LC $2.50

J19 F     NG  $5                          LC $2


Note: Almost all J20s have waxy gum from wax paper interleaving sheets at the post offices in the Canal Zone.

J20 almost VF OG SE at bottom  $65

J20 almost F/VF OG $55   F+ NH bottom selvage $90

J20 F/VF medium cancel $12 medium cancel though neater!   $13

J20 F/VF heavy cancel $9

J20 almost F/VF  LC   13

J20 F/VF WG Straight edge at top and right, corner pair, neat (Scott $300) $52

J20 F+               LC $12  thin $1

J20 F LC $10             F NC $6

J20 VG/F block of 4 NC $20


J20b Rose Red shade, almost VF NC rounded corner and tiny LR corner bend, SE at right. This is a much rarer variety than most know, not often seen  $65


J21 VF NH $5  almost VF VLC $2

J21 almost VF LC, large margins, perhaps a nibbled perf at left (you can decide), scan $1.25

J21 F/VF NH $3.75  OG $1

J21 F/VF         LC $1      HC  60c

J21 F+ NH   $2.25   LC75c  VLC $1

J21 F+ used block of 10 VLC $13

J21 VG/F NH $1

J22 VF NH     $11

J22 VF OG extremely lightly hinged, Wow! See $8

J22 F/VF NH   $7       OG $3.50

J22 F+ NH plate single   $7

J22 F+ OG  $4   LC  $1.25

J23 VF  OG $5

J23 F/VF     NH $7    OG $3

J23 F+ NH plate single $7

J23 F+        NH $3      OG $2

J24 F/VF NH  $7  OG$3.25    LC $2

J24 F+        NH   $3   F          OG $2

J21-4 F/VF NH set $28    OG  $12

J25 VF                 OG 25c  

J25 F/VF  NH 45c  OG 25c    LC 20c

J25 VF red violet OG  80c

J25 F/VF red violet NH 80c  WG 40c

J26 VF                  OG 25c     LC 35c

J26 F/VF  NH 45c  OG 25c    LC 20c

J27 VF                     OG 55c    LC 65c

J27 F/VF NH 75c  OG 45c    LC 45c

J27 F/VF      red violet  NH $1    OG 70c

J27 red violet F/VF NH pl. single $2.75

J28 F/VF NH   $1   OG 75c    LC 75c

J29 F+                   OG 90v

J29 F/VF                OG 75c

J25-9 F/VF (J29 F+) NH set  $4.00  OG $2.50


#112 used as postage due on a small CZ Post Office form “Notice of Charge Against Deposit,” postmarked at Balboa 1/17/73, the stamp represented payment from the postage due account of the Elks Club. Stamp cancelled by oval cancel. Couple light bends, otherwise F/VF and interesting, rare.    $16


Unbelievable inter-territorial postage due cover! This is a #10 War Department air envelope from the US Engineer Office, Anchorage, Alaska (marked “Personal”), to a Panama Railroad agent in Gamboa, mailed Jan. 2, 1943 with one 6c airmail. There is some docketing regarding the postage rate – it appears the envelope was registered (# stamped on the back) -- “s/h (should have?) airmail, Reg (Registered?) – sail”, but in was charged 24c postage due, with a pair of J26 and J28 (one SE) added and postmarked at Gamboa 2/5/43 (with a Money Order postmark!). Backstamped mainly with Registered mail postmarks at Seattle (Terminal Station) 1/21/43, New York (1/25/43), New Orleans (1/28/43), Miami (1/30 and 2/1/43 – maybe this is where it was noticed as being short postage), Balboa 2/4/43 and Gamboa 2/5/43 upon receipt. Censor tape at left, probably at Seattle. Some light toning and edge tear at upper left, marginal wear and bends and small surface scrape at lower left, otherwise F/VF, and a quite unusual multiple postage due showpiece! $350