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2021 -- OUR 42nd Year!!

Happy 2021 to our great & loyal customers!

We specialize in Canal Zone stamps and postal history for beginners to specialists! We also sell Danish West Indies stamps and covers; please email for information.   

NEW as of 7/7/21:  I apologize that the last update was so long ago. I plan on update as I can. Also apologize that several pages are unreadable; the formatting got screwed up. I’m working to correct them. It will take awhile, but we’ll get to listing many items. We have acquired the CZ stock of Conroy Philatelic, the #2 (to us) CZ dealer (we wish to thank Judy Conroy) and some of Ray Coughlin’s inventory, and are excited to offer a wider stock to our customers. We have THE MOST CZ specimens anywhere – see “Officials” page!! CZ UX6 used (see just below), 39c mint pane! Any stamp can be scanned and emailed/sent to you; this is easier than my learning html!  

We wish to highlight these 4 rarities:

CZ UX6, the 1c embossed post card from 1924 (the only embossed postal card ever issued by the US!), extremely fine mint copy of this seldom offered card. It is a hard item to scan, since the scanner tries to darken it, so I apologize for the light color. Rest assured this card is strongly printed and in beautiful condition. Undercatalogued at $1050 in “usual” condition, which this is not! http://canalzonestamps.com/images/czux6mint.jpg   $875


94 used block of 5! Yes, this is a used block of 4 with an additional stamp attached on the lower right --  it has straight edges at the bottom, heavy cancel, the perfs touch at right, there are a few creases, a few missed perfs – in general, it’s pretty tough, BUT…..it is very rare in such a multiple, and has a catalog value of $800+!! See scan at:            http://canalzonestamps.com/images/cz94block.JPG    $55 net



CZ UC1 first airmail envelope, first day cover 5/21/28 with pair of #72 and #103 (scarce used!) added, to Kelso, WA (backstamped Pasco WA 5/29/28). F/VF, small UL corner bend, rare and Scott $175, http://canalzonestamps.com/images/CZUC1fdc.JPG            $90 net




Please note these ABBREVIATIONS are used in these lists:

adh adherence
prtd printed
blk block
PU postally used
bot botttom
PPC picture-
ccl cancel post card
cert certificate
ppd postpaid
cr crease
pr pair
DG disturbed gum
reg registered
dmg damaged
RG regummed
DSG dry shiny gum
rev reverse
env envelope
rnd rounded
flt fault

gsk gum skip
SE str. edge
CDS circ. date stamp
SF space filler
HC heavy ccl.
sh sheet
LC light ccl.
sl slight
LL,LR location
s/l str.line
LH light hinge
sm small
mc machine ccl.
SON socked on
NC normal ccl.
nose ccl.
NG no gum
sp short perf.

NH never hinged
st stamp
np nibbed perfs.
stn stain
OG original gum
TG tropical gum
ovpt overprint
tr tear
pf perforation
tth tiny thin
pp pulled perf.
UL,UR location
PG part gum
VLC very light ccl.
PF Philatelic Fdn.
WG waxy gum
wr wrinkle


  • Unless otherwise noted, unused stamps have OG and may have hinge remnants. OG NH means NH!
  • Mint stamps are denoted by NH, WG, PG or OG.     Used stamps are denoted by LC, VLC, MC, NC or HC.
  • Used with normal cancel unless noted LC/HC. Normal cancel = an average amount of ink per postmark - not light enough to stand out, nor heavy enough to cover the stamp’s design. VLC = very light cancel, barely enough to be noticed.

Please order by centering and condition. (ie: VF LC, or F/VF OG sm th).    PLEASE GIVE ALTERNATE CHOICES (or email us first) since many items may be unique.  Thank you!

Waxy gum? What’s with the wax!? The climate in Panama is so humid that stamp gum absorbs moisture from the air; wax paper was placed between sheets in post offices to prevent sheets adhering to each other. This wax often stuck to the gum; for some issues, Scott 15 and 18-20 for example, almost no copies survived without waxy gum (unless they were regummed later).

OUR STRICT CZ GRADING STANDARDS – view our scans to get a visual definition!


F = off-center perfs that do not cut into design

F/VF = centered VF one direction & F in the other, (ie: Scott VF)

F+ is between F/VF and F (ie: our F+ = Scott F/VF). VG = perfs cut on 1 or 2 sides

If you want other dealers’ VF, then order F/VF!  One reason we have so many “almost VF” is that it’s hard to find perfectly centered CZ!


Terms of Sale!

  • Check or money orders (no credit cards) please – but we accept Paypal (either a transfer of your Paypal balance, or credit/debit card-funded Paypal accounts!)
  • Also, please add 50c for orders under $10. We pay postage, but please add for insurance or we send at your risk!!!
  • NY Residents please add tax!

SECONDS!!!!! Yes, we have seconds (boy, do we have seconds!!) Should you like to fill a space with a stamp with slight faults, please write us.

Sheets? Yup, we got ‘em! Send your want list for our quotes. We also have many mint blocks, if you collect them

Certificates? Why does the stamp need one? The CZ first issue, CZ #1-3, were heavily forged, even during their period of use! Therefore, it is imperative that an authority – usually the American Philatelic Society (APS), Philatelic Foundation (PF) or Professional Stamp Expertisers (PSE) – certify the stamps; they issue certificates of genuineness that include a photo of the stamp, or buy with my gurantee and then obtain a certificate. (2nd best are copies signed by Perry, Bartels and Colman, who used or sold them within days of issuance.) See comments on 1-3 fakes on the listing page.   I have also seen a inaccurately identified  #15 at auction WITH a cert at auction (June 2012), so watch it. CZ #46-8 and 67 are often hard to identify and certificates are a good idea; I don’t usually get certs for 46-8 and 67, but if you purchase one of these, you may submit them for certificates and, if not genuine, I will always refund the purchase price, cost of certificates and your postage paid to get the cert.


If you invest time and energy to build a strong CZ collection, you should also invest time to learn more about CZ stamps and postal history through the great organizations that research and publish information on it all! We strongly encourage customers to join the Canal Zone Study Group. Its resources are a great way to learn about CZ collecting. Write us for an application, or visit their website: www.czsg.org

The US Possessions Philatelic Society (USPPS) is active in other Possessions with many of the same CZSG researchers. Write us also for info on the USPPS.

This website is dedicated to my father Howard, who passed away in 2002. We both cofounded C&H Stamps in 1979, and he was an important participant in CZ postal history and philatelic research. We still miss him greatly.


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